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UK Crime in a ‘woeful’ state

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The head of London’s Police force has recently warned that the state of UK Crime is “woeful.”

Cresside Dick, head of London’s Metropolitan Police, warned that the level of crime committed in the United Kingdom is in a terrible state. She has also admitted that she has fears concerning the criminal justice system. According to the Daily Mail, police forces across the entire country are struggling to investigate up to half of the alleged reported crimes while many offences are reportedly “screened out” within a day of the offence. Ms Dick admitted that the forces were having to “prioritise” which crimes to investigate.

“I am worried about the criminal justice system – the volume and complexity of crime is rising yet fewer people are appearing at court. But overall police detection rates nationally are low, woefully low in some instances, and the courts are emptying. So what magic wand would it take for us to be able to apply what we do in murder to so many other cases?” Ms Dick added, speaking at the Police Foundation’s John Harris memorial lecture.

Dick’s comments come as official figures have shown the number of detective investigative the most serious offences in the UK has fallen by at least 28 percent between 2010-11 and 2017-18. In addition, official figures have been released by the ONS, Office for National Statistics showing that a record number of people are leaving London.

Head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Christopher Snowdon, insisted that although house prices play “a big part”, people also want to escape from “the stabbings”. In response to the rising level of crime, Ms Dick has stated: “From our perspective, Government budget cuts are responsible for the fact that we now have nearly 22,000 fewer police officers than we did in 2010. This Means fewer boots on the ground to tackle crime. The criminal justice system also needs to keep up with technological advances to speed up the process.”

Tory leadership contender, Boris Johnson has promised to keep “police numbers high” in an effort to remedy the low number of police on the streets. He also insisted that there is enough cash to boost police funding, supporting the idea to increase police numbers by 20,000.


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