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Retail stores are the highest and most common factors for theft, due to there being so many items that appeal to thieves as they have a high amount of value in their eyes. Unfortunately this will always be the case with retail stores, which is why you should put your trust in Security3000 to ensure that you know your business will remain safe. We offer a robust retail security solution to make sure that all of your stock and valuables remain with you as their rightful owner. Security3000 has many methods ready to be put in place to prevent any issues from arising ensuring you will never be a victim in the eyes of thieves.

Thieves are becoming more and more confident in their ability to steal from your store. Stores lose a lot of stock due to this as thieves leave stores with your merchandise undetected. Not only thieves, but stores also fail to realise their own staff members may be stealing items from right under their managers nose as they are to be the least expected to do so.

Security3000 ensures that none of the above will take place and that your store will always remain safe and secure when under our guard.

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What Does Our Retail Security Service Offer?

  • Our security team is trained to recognise all different kinds of threats, ranging from theft to harm to staff members or customers, this giving you the peace of mind that your store will always be under a protective eye.
  • Secrurity3000 ensures that the store environment as a whole is properly surveilled in a on going routine to make sure that all risks and threats are always made aware of.
  • On duty security guards ensure that criminals will be more reluctant to commit a crime within your store.
  • Security guards patrolling the store will allow for the customers and staff to feel more safe and secure during their shopping experience or working day.
  • The team at Security3000 have a range of skills both in terms of security which include mobile patrols & key holding, but also fast thinking and excellent planning skills.

Our Retail Security Service

  • Security3000 offers a innovative method of loss prevention as our team always up dated with the best security methods that can be put into place in a retail environment.
  • We fully understand the retail stores goals and expectations in terms of safeguarding their environment and then we send out our team with those goals and requirements in mind to perfectly replicate their needs.
  • All our staff are regularly trained in the latest retail tactics, our policy is to provide a happy comfortable and relaxing shopping experience for your clientele, our officers are fully SIA badged including CCTV and trained in first aid level two. Our guards are very smart in appearance and are approachable, but also provide a visual deterrent to potential unwanted visitors .we also supply store detectives with considerable experience. Don’t forget our price guarantee Security3000 offer to beat any quotation by any SIA approved company