Mobile Patrol and Alarm Systems


Mobile Patrol and Alarm Systems


Security3000 Security provide mobile patrols for all types of business, factory centers, shops, retail units, homes, hopitals and housing, estates. Our vans are fully sign written and have two way radios and vehicle tracking. For additional securite, we may also use search dogs or protection dogs. Our patrols have 24hr contact with our Birmingham based call center incase of any incidents or accidents that may require urgent attention. The guard will patrol and make sure the property all is safe and secure.

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What does our mobile security service offer?

  • Security3000 will always ensure your business is protected, by providing the very best in mobile patrolling. Which is why our talented team of guards have a range of skill sets set specifically to ensure that they satisfy your needs and go beyond expectations.
  • Our guards will patrol you premises day and night these security checks do not have patterns and will be taken place unexpectedly this is too ensure that any potential crimes that could take place will no longer occur as our patrol vans will always be on the move.
  • Experienced and fully licensed guards whom will be patrolling the site in our distinctive security vans will always be active to ensure that any potential crimes would be deterred away.
  • Security3000 is always ready to provide a mobile patrolling unit to ensure you security needs are dealt with.

Our Mobile Security Service

  • We recognise that professionalism and a strong appearance is a must for a excellent security team which is why our guards will report to the site fully uniformed in a marked vehicle.
  • Mobile patrols can cover many areas this including open areas such as parks or schools, but also places such as warehouses and shipping yards where the environment is more restricted and dangerous.
  • Our versatile team will ensure anything that is considered a threat can be easily dealt with.

Our Alarm Systems

  • Grade 2 & 3 Police Response Alarm Systems Conforming to PD6662/EN 50131 Series and BS DD243
  • Digital Communication
  • Redcare GSM Monitoring
  • Speech Dialers
  • Nurse Call Systems