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Security3000 offers the Key Holding security service, which means that the keys that give access to your premises will be kept safe and secured when not in use as they will be placed in a holding facility. Immediate response can be given for this if required due to an emergency.

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What does our Key Holding Security Service offer?

  • Security3000 has a emergency response service meaning that we can attend your premises at a moments notice if an emergency arises.
  • You will have no personal risk if an intruder comes onto your premises our key holding service means that we can access your premises, meaning you will not need to worry about your premises not being safe guarded.
  • Our response rate is high meaning that if a incident were to occur our security team would have a quick dispatch rate for the issue to be resolved.

Our Key Holding Security Service

  • Security3000 guards are always fully uniformed and easily identifiable as the Security3000 team to allow any potential intruders to know of our presence on the premises.
  • Detailed reports of any incident that takes place are always recorded by our security team to ensure that no incident is not accounted for and this will include a description of the action taken by our security team.
  • Security3000 24 hour control room means that immediate attention can be given by our security team.

Take the worry out of your home and business security with Security 3000 Ltd

You can be sure that if your alarm is activated at home or at work, a fully trained and vetted Security 3000 mobile response officer will be there quickly to deal with the incident giving you peace of mind.

On receipt of an activation the Duty Controller locates the nearest Response Vehicle to you premises. All Response Vehicles are fitted with the latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) monitoring system, this means our nearest patrol vehicle will be at your premises quickly and efficiently.

A major advantage of our keyholding service is that we hold a set of keys to your premises so our trained officers can respond immediately your alarm is activated, any time, day or night. Rather than putting yourself or your keyholder at risk, one of our trained officers will deal with any situation from a simple reset of your alarm system, to a potentially dangerous situation. If any locks or windows have been damaged, we will arrange for an approved locksmith or glazier to carry out any essential security repairs.

Finally, we will leave you a full Alarm Activation report on site giving you the full details of the incident.