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Security3000 offers fully licensed security guards that will ensure the safety of your even that is taken place from the start to the finish of the event. Our professional security team will ensure that your event will run smoothly and safely. Our guards have experience in dealing with high profile events, ensuring that everyone in the premises and environment is handled accordingly to ensure that no issues arise.

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What does our Event Security Service offer?

  • Security3000 guards will always ensure that the perimeter of the event taken place is fully assessed to ensure that the correct guarding is taking place whilst the event is running.
  • Security guards will be backstage to ensure that no issues arise both near the crowd or in the backstage area of the event.
  • VIP’s are crucial to the event Security3000 ensures that these individuals remain safe whilst the event is running.
  • Security3000 has Stewards in place to make sure crowd control is taking place correctly.
  • Health and Safety issues to ensure that everyone in the event is safe from any potential harm, this will also mean risk assessments will take place on our behalf.

Our Event Security Service

  • Security3000 covers a range of different events from concerts to high profile weddings, our guards are trained to handle different environments and situations to ensure our security service delivers the very best possible.
  • Trusting our professional team of guards will ensure that your event will run smoothly and will stay secure throughout the events duration.
  • Events are unpredictable and this is due to the nature of some individuals at these events, trusting Security3000 will mean that these problems that are likely to occur will be properly dealt with.