Security3000, has a fully trained team of constructional security guards, this is due to us constantly staying up to date with all security tactics to ensure that construction sites are safe and secure. This is to ensure that our security team meet your requirements in a construction site environment. All of our security team are always up to date with the latest security protocols.

The security3000 team are always directed with full on site instructions to ensure that they are at the top level and meet your standards.

We make sure our Security3000 team are on goal & target when in operation, we do this by monitoring our security staff so that we know our staff are constantly on duty. Our management team will have regular visits to the site so that our staff are always meeting your standards. Monitoring and managing your security at your construction site is our priority.

We have worked for many years in the construction industry we understand what is required of our security guards , and work hard to make sure that your site is safe and secure ,we supply guard tour patrols system radio sign written van and guard dog at no extra cost we do regular site visits making sure the site and guard are safe, regular risk assessments are provided we have a health and safety officer that would be allocated to your site if required. we are proud to say we have always caught any unwanted visitors giving us a 100% rating , we are safe contractor approved.

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What Does Our Construction Security Service Offer?

  • Comprehensive site risk assessments and site surveys, this ensure that our security team are always on target and meeting all of your requirements. Not only this, but it also ensures that the construction site environment is properly assessed to make sure all health and safety factors are made aware of.
  • Criminal theft in a construction site is nothing to take lightly Security3000 ensures the site will be properly protected, machinery and work done by your construction site team should be well protected and maintained and this is something Security3000 can guarantee.
  • The response & reporting system is something that we have in place so that you have access to our reports, our service list is priced the best regardless of what you have whilst still maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Our Construction Security Service

  • Security3000 has a experienced and licensed team that will provide you with the highest level of construction security. This will give you a calm minded approach, trusting us to maintain your construction environment will be the best decision you could make as we guarantee to satisfy all needs and requirements.
  • Leave all security responsibilities to our high level team of professionals as they are responsible for hourly check calls, constantly patrolling the site, making records of any possible threats or safety hazards. our team of supervisors work alongside them by making visits to the site without notice to ensure that everything is running correctly.