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Security3000 has a team of highly trained and fully SIA licensed guards, whom are fully experienced and trained to provide a high level CCTV monitoring service. Our team is fully capable of monitoring large environment and smaller environments. Including shopping centres and city centres, which are very vulnerable during the quiet hours of the night.

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What does our CCTV monitoring service offer?

  • Our team is fully trained to respond with alarms that may occur due to a safety threat and they are also very capable of dealing with incidents at a short notice.
  • Security3000 has a 24 hour control centre that operates every hour of the day.
  • Guards will always be monitoring expensive items that are too valuable, this will ensure that a guard is always ensuring loss prevention.
  • video evidence of a criminal being caught in the act allowing for ease of identification and evidence to prosecute.
  • CCTV being put into place will ensure that criminals will even deter from committing the crime in the first place.

Our CCTV Monitoring service

  • Some items or environments are considered to valuable to even remove observation for a second, having Security3000 on your side will always ensure that these items and places of value will never be left unwatched.
  • Our video security systems will always ensure that a criminal will not only be prevented from committing an act of crime, but they will also be caught in the act of doing so.
  • Routine checks will take place to the control centre to ensure that all activities are being done accordingly to meet our goal or safety and protection.

Supply and Installation

  • Domestic and Commercial CCTV Systems
  • Digital Recorders
  • Network Compatible Digital Recorders
  • Remote Monitoring Systems Conforming to BS 8418