Security guard patrols ‘removed from Dundee city centre

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Nightly security guard patrols have been removed from Dundee city centre, it has been reported.

Guards have patrolled City Square and the surrounding area on 12-hour shifts for several years.

They were asked to check in at points throughout the centre while trying to curb antisocial behaviour.

Now it is claimed the patrols have been dropped by Dundee City Council.

Night shift cover at the council’s Dundee House building has also been removed, it is understood.

A council spokesman refused to elaborate on the reported changes, citing “security reasons”.

However, the administration notes “changes to security arrangements at Dundee House and City Square” in its annual budget report.

The changes, the administration claims, will involve “improved risk management and more effective use of technology (which) will enable increased efficiency in this area”.

An industry source that a long-standing security arrangement for guards to patrol both the city centre and Dundee House has been withdrawn.

In 2014, figures emerged showing the council spends around £40,000 every year on security guards for City Square.

City development convener Councillor Will Dawson said at the time: “Costs of vandalism and graffiti have greatly reduced since security was introduced at City Square.

“The presence of security helps to protect property, while offering reassurance for staff who work in the square.”

Earlier this month, figures were published showing the administration has spent £250,000 on maintaining CCTV cameras in Dundee over the last four years.


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