Mobile Patrols

We provide mobile patrols for all types of business, factory centres, shops, retail units, homes, hospitals and housing, estates.

Our vans are fully sign written and have two way radios and vehicle tracking. For additional security, we may also use search dogs or protection dogs.

Our patrols have 24hr contact with our Birmingham based call centre in case of any incidents or accidents that may require urgent attention. The guard will patrol and make sure the property all is safe and secure.

Mobile Patrols – The High Profile Deterrent

Mobile Patrols are highly effective wherever a deterrent is needed, but when full-time security is not a practical option. This might be in locations like building sites, schools, car parks or factories to name but a few.

High Visibility Is The Key

One of our uniformed Mobile Patrol Security Officers will arrive at the site in a liveried patrol vehicle, then carry out a pre-determined or random patrol covering all the access-points, perimeters and areas necessary. He does this on a totally unpredictable basis, so that anyone who has an eye on your property won’t know when the next patrol is going to be. There will also be signs placed at strategic points on the perimeter warning that the property is protected by Security 3000 Ltd, making potential intruders think twice.

How Are The Patrols Carried Out? You and Security 3000 Ltd decide the route. Small electronic clocking pads are located at key points. As the Mobile Patrol Security Officer passes on a patrol, he ‘swipes’ each pad with a hand-held electronic unit. This makes sure he checks the pre-agreed areas, and gives a complete record of the timing of each patrol. This will give you total peace of mind that we are carrying out the patrols to your exact specification.

Locking and unlocking premises

We Can Be There When You Can’t

If you’ve got a number of premises, or if your business operates long and unsociable hours, then we can take away the worry and the burden of securing and opening your premises by doing it for you.

At The End of The Day A Security Officer arrives shortly before the end of your day, whenever that may be. Ensuring the last member of staff has left, he then carries out a full patrol making sure all doors and windows are closed and that all non-essential equipment is turned off. He then locks up and leaves, setting the alarm if necessary.

At The Start of The Working Day He returns next morning, unlocks the premises, and allows authorised staff to enter. If you have any doubts about members of staff, then the presence of a uniformed Security Officer in a liveried patrol vehicle will have a strong deterrent effect.

The benefits of this service are:

  • You don’t need to be there at the start or finish of the working day
  • There’s no need to rely on employees
  • The high-profile Security Officer and patrol vehicle are a deterrent
  • It gives you complete peace of mind