'Hero' security officer saves Waikato Hospital nurses, suffers serious injuries

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‘Hero’ security officer saves Waikato Hospital nurses, suffers serious injuries

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A security guard who was seriously assaulted in an attack at Waikato Hospital has been hailed a hero for saving nurses from the oxygen cylinder wielding patient.

The patient was being treated at a surgical ward at Waikato Hospital around 2am on Wednesday when they lashed out.

The female guard is in the high dependency unit and is now awaiting surgery, a source says.

The source, who did not want to be identified, said the guard was “messed up”.

“She is having surgery on her hand later, and behind all the swelling and bruising, her face is broken.

“The nurses are calling her a hero.

“She effectively saved them from being more seriously injured.”

The source understands the guard witnessed at least two nurses being attacked by a patient with an oxygen cylinder and stepped in to help.

Waikato District health Board Executive Director of Public Affairs, Lydia Aydon, confirmed five staff members – four nurses and one security guard – were assaulted.

“Hospital security and police attended and the patient was arrested.

“Three staff members received minor injuries and one staff member had more serious injuries.”

Aydon said all four were treated in the hospital’s emergency department.

“Three were discharged and one has been admitted to the hospital.

“They have all been offered workplace support.”

Police confirmed they attended a serious assault at the hospital. 

“Four people received minor to moderate injuries, and a fifth person was seriously injured.

Charges were likely to be laid later on Wednesday.

Waikato DHB are investigating and Worksafe has been notified.

Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/112731335/hero-security-officer-saves-waikato-hospital-nurses-suffers-serious-injuries

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